I’m Shannon Cook, I opened a small gym in 2003 but couldn’t offer anything the big gyms offered, so i had to invent something to offer that the other gyms didn’t.

That was being open 24 hours automated. There is another gym that is open 24 hours but not automated, and they didn’t advertise it at all. So now everyone thinks I’m the only gym open 24 hours. The other gym has since put a sign up in front of their gym but still no one knows about it for many reasons, such as they don’t advertise.

Anyway, I got down to 60 members and knew i had to do something to get my membership base up.

I started studying the old marketers and learning copy writing at the same time because as i soon learned they go hand in hand.

I got my gym transfered into the 24 hour automated system, which was a long learning game because no one was able to help me with this because the big 24 hour gyms didn’t want to reveal their secrets and no one else in the gym industry knew how to do such a task for a small gym .

I started my marketing 6 months after i changed into the 24 hour system ,and then i had my “TIPPING POINT”.  I almost tripled my membership in less than 6 months. And after being in business for 4 years with a maximum of 120 members, that was great.

Now i do marketing for a few businesses around me in the construction and real estate fields. But specialize in the fitness marketing field and want to help others turn their gyms into 24 hour clubs or open gyms from scratch without going through thousands of dollars and figuring out they have done it wrong and have to start over.

You can reach Shannon Cook at templegym@comcast.net


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