The one thing all gym, health club, fitness center owners are afraid to do

The one thing that most all gyms are afraid to do because they are scared people will take advantage of them!


Besides me turning my gym into a 24 hour fully automated facility, this one thing has gotten me more members than anything else i can do.

I discussed this with other people and they thought just like everyone else, that people would take advantage of my offer. I have signed up over 200 people in the last 8 months and have had only one person get their money back, and that lady didn’t even want her money back, she just wanted to cancel before her contract took effect. However i did give her the money back because i said i would and i also asked her to write a short testimonial for the gym saying how easy it was to get her money back and I use it in my advertising to show people that we really do have a guarantee.

Most gyms are so afraid to lose a member that they make alot of them mad because they hold them to their contracts like concrete and even though they have the right to, they get talked about badly to everyone that person knows and lose alot of potential members in the process.

I took a survey from my members on my website and asked them several questions, but one was “did the 30 day guarantee have anything to do with you signing up”, to my surprise, 85% said yes. 

For some reason no gym in town has tried to copy me on this. To their loss.

I do hold people to their contracts, but if i can tell that person is gonna do harm by talking bad about me and my gym, then i gladly let them out of their contract.

One other thing I reccomend is getting the Book by Dale Carnegie “how to win friends and influence people”. in it he said something that i think has also helped me retain members that really don’t use the gym, they just keep their membership because i get to know them while signing them up. He said, Tell the person your dealing with that you can tell by looking at them and the way they act that they will follow through with their contract because they look and act honorable. You might think that’s flatery, but i mean it when i say it and they can tell i mean it, and it makes them feel honorable. Everyone wants to feel important.

I’m in the process right now of offering a 30 day double your money back guarantee to see how it works. My wife doesn’t like it, but she didn’t think the 30 day regular guarantee was a good idea either, until she saw and heard it in action.

Feel free to post comments. thanks, shannon

Shannon Cook can be contacted at for questions about hiring for marketing or turning your gym into a 24 hour gym.


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