How to turn your fitness center, gym, health club into a 24 hour automated club

I got down to 60 members at temple gym in Northport, Alabama and knew in order to stay in business i would have to do something besides what all the other gyms did.

I got the phone book out and looked at all the other gyms in my town to see what they offered and compared everything they had that i didn’t.

I could see they offered:

  • Classes
  • kids workout equipment and sitters
  • smoothie bars
  • pro shops
  • boxing
  • and the latest in equipment that i knew i couldn’t afford

From this i knew i couldn’t offer anything they had and compete at all. So i decided to offer something i knew they couldn’t offer even if they wanted to.

A 24 hour fully automated gym.

I did research for 6 months and got everything together that i knew we would need:

  • door access system
  • security cameras
  • security pendant

Then i ran the idea across my wife and some wise business men i respected.

Well they all really didn’t like the idea because they couldn’t see the need for a 24 hour gym and thougt no one would use it.

After getting the cost together my wife said i could do it if i could pay for it without it costing us anything from our regular pay because bills were tight. So i sat out and got started getting the money up. In the mean time, i got ADT to give me an estimate. More on ADT later!

Anyway, i told ADT to get the stuff in stock and i would have their money in a month, which was really hard to do, but i made it.

they installed the system on august  12th of 2007. However they didn’t get it running right until October 15th. Anyway, i was catching alot of flack from my wife over the whole thing taking too much time and money. Somehow no one could see my vision.

It took me a few months to get the whole 24 hour system started because of the lack of knowledge of putting all this together and making it work together. Believe me when i say ADTdidn’t have a clue on how to install the door system, and told me the access system didn’t come with any software. I told them that the salesman told me it did and asked them how i was going to monitor who came and went in the gym, and they said they didn’t know.

So i had to figure everything out myself, which was rough, to say the least.

That’s why i now consult gyms on turning gyms into 24 hour fitness facilitys, after going through the fire myself.

I was able to get rid of 2 employees in the gym and cut the hours down on the one remaining employee to only 6 hours per day Monday thru Friday so all she does is cleaning and office work and sign members up.

The next post i will talk about automating my proshop and drinks so you make money while your not there, and all you have to do is go in and collect the money.

I’ll also talk about the ADT nightmare!!!

For consulatation on marketing or turning your gym into a 24 hour automated club: contact Shannon Cook at


4 Responses to “How to turn your fitness center, gym, health club into a 24 hour automated club”

  1. 1 Clayton 2008-10-10 at 5:58 p

    I am currently looking to own the health club that i currently manage, it is not 24 hour but I would like it to be do you have any suggestions on companies or specific systems that I should look for that are not to expensive?

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